ATI Updates Hi Point Carbine Stock, Still Shitty

» Posted by on May 4, 2011 in Guns In The News | 4 comments

Apparently this news is already a little old. But I’m gonna write about it anyway. ATI has released an updated version of its aftermarket stock for the Hi Point 995 Carbine. In case you don’t know, Hi Point has been making their 995 9mm carbine since about the mid nineties. It used to look like this:

Pretty fucking ugly, right?

ATI has been selling an aftermarket stock for quite awhile now. It runs about $70 to $80. It looks like this:

Even fucking uglier.

About a year or so ago, Hi Point released an updated version of their own stock and called it the TS (Tactical Stock). It had what the original stock lacked, accessory rails. While the ATI stock had limited rail space, it had more than the classic stock did, which is why a lot of people bought it. Some people bought it for the look, but they are retarded and shouldn’t be considered in this equation. The TS stock added both features and a superior look and feel to the carbine, and was well received in the Hi Point fan circles (myself being one of them). Here is the TS:

Pretty fucking cool, right?

Now, ATI just came out with an updated version of their piece of shit stock. Incredibly, it manages to look worse than the original, while not providing any changes that warrant its design over the new TS:

Seriously, this thing looks fucking stupid.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the goddamn thing costs $178. The 995TS costs around $240 brand new.

ATI, you done fucked up. You know that, right?

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  1. WTF!?

  2. Okay so i feel that at first the stock looked like crap. on that i can agree with you. but at least the ATI doesnt look the first alien looking stock. the first stock made the thing look like a toy. now the ATI might still be ugly but its not that much compared to the original stock. and now the newer stock came out. yea it looks alittle nicer but the ATI stock was made so it could look like that CX4 storm. and to try and compete they put a butt load of rail on it. which is basically what they did to the original stock. more rail and a different shoulder stock…..not much of a difference to me its about taste and while hi-point still looks ugly i would have to give my vote to the newer ATI stock which isnt 178. on they have all the prices and i think its cheaper…but dont quote me on it. i just like the fact that you have more reality on the rifle for more stuff. its ugly but it works. now these days is making stuff for hi-point so thats a plus. in all reality its about the right combination of stocks and other junk to make the carbine not look so damn ugly.

    • I’ve never been a fan of the ATI stock because it adds a lot of unnecessary bulk to the weapon, geometrically speaking. Having owned the 995, I felt like the TS stock was more than sufficiently railed and otherwise accommodating. The ATI stock doesn’t add anything other than more bulk.

      Thanks for the comment.

  3. Very very funny. I appreciate this a lot

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