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Evil Black Rifle……A unintresting story and review as well as half ass video by gunforhire

»Posted by on Apr 29, 2012 in Gun Videos, New Guns, Saturday Morning Cartoons | 2 comments

So about two years ago, like almost every other gun owner or soon to be under the age of 70, I said to myself, “Self, your manhood and the ability to fight off the zombie horde depends on you owning a AR. The internets say so!” So, I went to the forums, talked about it, learned about it, got some bits and pieces through trades and buying parts off of forum members and such. I read all the gun magazines and learned about all the most popular brands of these 60 yr old new design rifles and why they really are so popular and why wood on them is a cardinal sin (hint: the answer is video games) I realized that almost two years later, that I had absolutely zero clue what I wanted and all I had to show for it was a bolt carrier with no bolt, a charging...

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This is funny shit. Because of Arsenal Firearms and the “revolutionary” AF2011-A1 Robb Allen at Sharp as a Marble (I just found another blog to follow btw) came up with this gem This quote makes reading the post all the more worthwhile: Kel-Tec CEO George Kellgren was quoted as saying “Let them unoriginal pricks over at Ruger copy this motherfucker.” Ruger responded by announcing a recall of its soon to be produced LCPPP. (I took the liberty of adding in what was censored at SaaM) For you bitches lusting after one of these, remember, Kel Tec is reading this too and you know they are thinking about it. Hell, look at how many of their cool guns like the KSG are in the market right now….. Oh wait, I can’t get one...

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Gov Mark Dayton Vetoes “Stand your Ground Bill

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Minnesota’s Governor Goofy loves protecting his loyal voters, especially the Union bosses and LE brass that got him voted in. So much for listening to his fellow Minnesotans and not pushing personal agendas. See his “official” letter here Dayton vetoes ‘castle doctrine’ self-defense bill Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed the so-called “castle doctrine” self-defense bill on Monday. The proposal, supported by the gun-rights groups and opposed by Minnesota’s law-enforcement organizations, would have expanded the legal justification for citizens who use deadly force in threatening situations. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Tony Cornish, R-Good Thunder, and Sen. Gretchen Hoffman, R-Vergas, was the top priority of the National Rifle...

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Stupid criminal tries to buy gun back after failed robbery

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From NBC Miami Authorities say a man was arrested after he dropped his gun during a robbery and returned to the scene to try and buy it back from the victims. Cedrick Mitchell, 39, faces charges of armed home invasion and resisting an officer, according to online jail records. He is being held without bond in Manatee County Jail. Police said Mitchell entered a motel room and asked for pills from the two men inside. When they responded that they didn’t have any, Mitchell took out his gun and told the men “everything you got,” according to the Bradenton Herald. Mitchell dropped his gun when the men began to fight with him, police say. One of the victims sprayed him with pepper spray and Mitchell ran away, authorities said. He returned to the motel...

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Long gun Registry dies in Canada

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Kudos to mutantpoo for the heads up. Good to see a stupid idea don’t get passed for once.

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