Tuesday’s Smoke That Fool

Tuesday’s Smoke That Fool – “Now It’s My Turn”

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Burglars are bold, but stupid motherfuckers. It takes brass balls and desperation to invade someones home and try to steal their shit. and bolder still, shooting someone to get what ain’t yours. And then stupid enough to think everyone are just gonna lay down and die. Not this tough sumbitch. This dude is fuckin legit, porn stache and...

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So, what do you do in the event you smoked that fool?

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Let’s face it, we are citizens of the internet as much as we are of our home town. We’re here every day, reading news, lurking forums, watching videos, looking for funny pics, and probably porn that we aint willing to talk about. In our day to day, going to our favorite gun forums and news sites, the topic is gonna surface: “What do I do if I just smoked that fool?” I could give you all sort of advice on what I would do, but who knows, I’ve never woke up to my door being crashed down, my windows shattered, and a slimeball that feels he need whatever I got ripping through my home. I honestly don’t know if I will be able to stop the threat in time, and neither does that internet tough guy on the other end of a computer screen in...

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Tuesday’s smoke that fool – Drug deal gone wrong edition

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These guys should have had a can of Red Balls first, cause keeping it real goes wrong for three guys going to get some drugs. The two people who shot three drug dealers, killing one, will not be arrested in the slaying because they fired in self-defense, a police spokesman said Monday Robert Heard, 26, 1635 Louise St., was shot and killed Saturday after he and two other men tried to rob John Freeman, 26, of money during a drug deal, Cpl. L’Jean McKneely said, declining to say what kind of drugs Freeman was buying and for how much. One of Heard’s accomplices was shot in the head and is in the hospital, McKneely said. A third robber who got away was wounded. The incident started when Freeman, 10488 Gerald Drive, called Heard, seeking to purchase drugs, McKneely...

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Tuesday’s Smoke that Fool – You messed with the wrong chica

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One of our forum members, mutantpoo found this. thanks bud! This poor chick has had a rough year. Her breeding dogs get killed, her husband dies, and now some idiot tries to break in. She got the upper hand this time. BLANCHARD, Oklahoma — A young mother shot and killed an intruder at her home Saturday. Eighteen-year old Sarah McKinley said the suspects terrorized her for more than 20 minutes as they tried to break into the house. McKinley said she was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher who told her she could fire her shotgun if the man entered the house. When 24-year old Justin Shane Martin broke through the front door with a hunting knife in his hand, McKinley pulled the trigger, striking him in the upper torso. Martin was pronounced dead at the scene....

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Tuesday’s Smoke That Fool – Give thanks for guns

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Some bad guys had a shitty Thanksgiving weekend. Aaron Church doesn’t live up to his name. “The homeowner blocked the burglar in some sort of way,” Perry Rushing, Livingston Sheriff’s Office, explained. “Some sort of argument began between the two, and that’s when the homeowner shot the burglar in the arm. The wound does not appear to be life threatening.” I’d like to think that they were arguing about where the homeowner was going to shoot Church, and that they finally settled on a fair punishment. Next up, this guy didn’t get mad, he got even. PHILADELPHIA — Police say a homeowner who was robbed three weeks earlier has shot and killed two people who were breaking into his home again. The incident happened late Wednesday night,...

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Tuesday’s Smoke That Fool – Cold hearted bitch

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Only one self defense story today, but it’s a strange one. This story is a few years old, but I just now heard about it. Cheating bitch is fucking her boyfriend in the pickup truck. Husband comes home. Bitch thinks quickly, yells, “RAPE!”. Husband pulls gun, kills “rapist”. Wife gets charged with manslaughter. “The man ran up to the truck and through the driver’s window, just shot and emptied the clip right into the man point blank,” said witness William Carlisle. Prosecutors say Tracy Roberson yelled out to her husband for help, crying rape, when in fact she and LaSalle were lovers. A text message to LaSalle revealed their relationship, saying, “Hi friend, come see me please! I need to feel your warm embrace!...

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