Constitutional Carry In Colorado

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I ran across this little essay yesterday. I hope this means that there are others in the state who are ready to try again in 2012.

Arguing For Constitutional Carry in My State of Colorado


Because a significant percentage of permit-seekers have a reason. Many of these people aren’t striving to be vigilant, armed individuals, they’re just scared. Something’s made them come to the conclusion that they need to pack heat. And they should be made to wait? If we’re going to take into account the theoretical crimes committed by law-breakers we have to take into account the theoretical harm done to law-abiders as well.

Then there’s the subjective scrutiny. Currently, in addition to the fee, permits require permission from the county sheriff.

What if we applied these restrictions to other rights?

What if you needed a $150 permit, and the sheriff’s permission to peaceably assemble? Wait, a lot of times you do. But imagine if you needed a protest permit, and without one, you could be tried as a felon?

One of my favorite arguments against permits, you shouldn’t need a permit to exercise your rights. You should need a permit to protest, you shouldn’t need a permit to speak your mind, you shouldn’t need a permit to avoid unreasonable search and seizure by the cops, you shouldn’t need a permit to guarantee trial by jury and you shouldn’t need a permit to carry a gun. Criminals carry guns with or without a permit. But a permit process creates a criminal out of otherwise law abiding citizens who want to exercise their right to carry a gun to defend themselves.

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