FPSRUSSIA Is Not Russian

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Apparently for some haters out there, this was a burning question that was answered a couple weeks ago at the Lucky Gunner Blogger shoot.

Imagine my surprise when the mad “Russian” himself strolled into breakfast yesterday. Our favorite IGOTD had shown up at the blogger shoot. I cornered him at the range (where he was wearing muffs and glasses). While he didn’t want any photos or videos taken he agreed to a short interview. After softening him up with some easy questions about the weather, his guns and the intricacies of Baltic cuisine, I asked him a real question: what’s up with the lack of eyes and ears? He responded that he recognized he needed to be wearing PPE and would do so in the future; especially since 20 percent of his viewership is under 18. FPS doesn’t want to set a bad example for the tweens. So, is he Russian? I can definitively report . . .


I was sitting at the breakfast table with ace snapper Oleg Volk. Oleg, a genuine Russian emigre who speak the lingua franca of the old Communist Evil Empire, thought FPS was Russian—because of his lack of safety. So I sent Oleg to speak Russian with FPS.

Oleg reported that FPS couldn’t talk the walk. When I interviewed the Internet phenom he sounded like a good ‘ole southern boy.

And there you have it: a fake Russian playing with really big guns. Except not in his most recent post, which has him paint-balling his little heart out. Good thing Lucky Gunner’s got him back with serious firepower. Dasvidaniya!

Link To Blogger

Wow. Glad you solved that mystery of the internet. Now we can move on to other pressing matters of national security.

Come on, Really? Does it really matter to you that some guy is faking a Russian accent to give his videos an edge? Who fucking cares if he’s not really a Russian. He still has access to amazing guns and is shooting them constantly. And he does it with style. Oh wait, you’re just mad that he doesn’t wear his eyes and ears all the time right? Because his lack of safety is somehow going to make you deaf and blind?

Hey TTAG, lighten the fuck up.

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  1. I read that article a couple days after TLG’s shoot. I mean, you can just look at the guy and know he’s not a russian lol. It’s not freaking rocket science. Also, who cares?

  2. “Does it really matter to you that some guy is faking a Russian accent to give his videos an edge?”

    No not at all. Its the fact that his MILLIONS of fanboys actually think that he’s russian and refuse to believe otherwise. THAT’S what’s maddening.

    • So what? by the way, love the name….tittiemctitterson

      i mean really though, how does this affect you?

  3. i think the guy is a fag trying to be russian

    • I think you’re a hater. You couldn’t touch the shit he plays with.

  4. i love children

    • me too man

  5. I’m going to start working on my Libyan accent, and I will be the newest on the interwebs!

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