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I’m just reserving that title for future Google searches, because I’m sure that by the end of this weekend, it’s going to be a hot search term.

The 2012 SHOT Show is kicking off next week and in advance of the show, the SHOT Show blog took a minute to welcome the more than 600 industry bloggers who were registered to attend the show. It was a great outreach to a growing community that is reshaping how gun enthusiasts get their information.

Gun bloggers and the Internet media have the ability to take a new product and give it instant recognition — which also carries with it the possibility of it quickly going viral. And quite often, these writers and video producers are producing the same reviews that print magazine subscribers will read about months from now.

Well some asshole decided to take a shit on bloggers, especially small time bloggers. Paul Helsinki of GunsAmerica.com took the opportunity in the comment section to let the NSSF management know how he thinks they should run their show, namely vetting bloggers based on their intert00bs popularity.

Now the question is when you are going to start qualifying internet media? We have to crawl over nobodies who can install wordpress and have nobody reading anything they write, It isn’t so hard to qualify internet media using Alexa.com and Compete.com. Why do you waste the manufacturers’ time and make the real internet media have to deal with wish I were internet journalists who are just using your stamp of approve to solicit review guns and accessories?

Juan A Be was actually set to attend SHOT this year, but then life expenses got in the way and he won’t be able to go. I wish he was going, not because of all the swag, but so he hammer fist Mr. Helsinki in the pooper.

If you think this guy is full of shit, help out “nobody” bloggers by spreading the word about this cocksucker, boycott GunsAmerica.com and use social media to fuck up this guy’s groove. Do it for the children.

Found out about this nonsense HERE

Check this post out for a great breakdown about why Paul Helinski is full of dick.


  1. LOL love it I have looked at guns america but there prices seemed a bit high

    • Their prices aren’t the only thing that is high

  2. He really created a major public relations fiasco for that company. As some have said, his complaints are not that extreme (Although pretty unfounded – its literally 100 media credentials), but publicly doing what he has done (not privately addressing his concerns to SHOT officials) and then piling on with the additional comments he has just isolated a very large customer base. I seriously doubt that anyone who is a regular blog reader is ever going to do business with them again.

  3. what a idiot. He is trying to prequalify who can excersize their first amendment rights at a show that invited the Internet Media in

  4. Wow, just..wow. What a complete douchenozzle. I love the high horses that people put themselves on, if they only really knew of the potential negative blow-back that those kinds of statements can result in.

    Makes me want to go write some posts and SEO them in such a way that will draw a shit ton of qualified backlinks to I can email him the Alexa report for how big of a dipshit he is. I can’t wait to see their traffic dip for being elitist.

  5. I sent an e-mail to these guys about their interviewer at the Shot Show:

    Dear Guns America,

    I have been following a lot of the videos from the Shot Show. Please get a new “interviewer” for next year. After seeing the interview with the Century Rep, I have had my fill with your interviewer. The gentleman that does the interviewing:

    1. Extremely arrogant – he always has his hands on his hips which is a posture of extreme arrogance. His attitude is always that of “I am better than you are at guns.”
    2. Extremely rude – the video with the Century Rep was terrible. The man was obviously not American and it took him more time to finish his sentences to get the translation correct. Your guy kept rudely finishing the man’s sentences.
    3. Extremely unprofessional – this interviewer is not who I would want as the face of my company.

    Thank you,

    Their response: Get over yourself the guy did what he could. One could also stand like that because they were taught to in elite military units, bonehead.

    I find it amazing (and not in a good way) that with such a bad economy, they would have this poor of “customer service.”

  6. And my response:

    Like interviewer like your response………….

    Extremely arrogant
    Extremely rude
    Extremely unprofessional

    There is a time and place for every kind of behavior. You’re interviewing companies that have a product……AND YOUR NOT OPERATING AS AN ELITE MILITARY UNIT…….BONEHEAD.

  7. I have met this guy before and he is really a nice dude who loves to talk shit to stir things up and is one of those guys you just have to shrug off his bold comments because he is actually a really nice guy. Did he mention any specific blogs? Or was he just talking about small blogs in general?

    And yes, Sam, the interviewer in those GA videos is pretty bad. I think he used to be the guy who hosted personal defense tv or some hunting show. he looks really familiar

    • I think he was talking about most blogs, small or not. Rich Wyatt was a nice guy when I met him, but anyone who has really dealt with him knows that he’s an asshole too. Meeting a guy once doesn’t exactly let you know what kind of person they are.

      • Well have you ever met the guy even once? How do you know he meant to trash YOUR blog? Just playin’ Devil’s Advocate here because I have had nothing but good experiences with Gunsamerica.com and have bought/sold lots of guns on there. I do also read lots of blogs (including this one) and think their blog is generally pretty good (save for those god-awful SHOT videos mentioned before).

        I do think he could have chosen his words a little more carefully though. In the end, all this warring between blogs is only sending more people to mr. helinski’s website.

        Keep up the good work, bombardero, and let the other blogs fight each other! If you continue putting out good stuff, the readers will continue to be loyal, like myself!


        • A quick search for gunsamerica customer service brings up plenty of stories that show what kind of operation he runs.

          There’s plenty of stories like this one out there: http://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=276909

          • Sorry it took so long to approve your comment, life happened.

            Anyways, great link. Unbelievable really. I guess it never occured to them that they maybe should be paying closer attention to who is posting shit on their auction site.

        • Sir,

          discovered your postings on the Internet about the discussions of gun America.

          You appear to be one of the most logical and rational voices. Further it appeared that you have much experience in selling weapons in America.

          We are registered dealers in Europe.

          Have discovered that there is quite a difference in prices in 22 caliber pistols between Europe and America.

          We are searching for registered dealer would be interested in purchasing secondhand pistols, in quantity, and importing them into America.

          Could this offer be interesting?

          Thank you for your time and thinking about this idea.


          • hahahahahaha…..what the fuck is this shit?

  8. they never have the items they show online,or at best,item is sold!

    • I’m not a fan of gunsamerica but I have to say this to tabasco sauce – “they” don’t sell items, “they” are a listing service like ebay, “they” are hundreds of individual sellers and FFL dealers selling their own stuff, so your complaint that “they never have the items they show online” is, well, stupid if your complaint is aimed at gunsamerica not having stuff in stock – it’s like not being happy with stuff you want to buy on ebay and saying ebay never has what they show online – did I say stupid? just sayin’

  9. Why can’t people write constructive or even destructive answers or even blogs without resorting to foul, abusive language. No wonder many people see gun owners as rabid dogs. If we act the part expect to be labeled the part. We don’t like the guy, easy don’t use his service and encourage others not to do so . The language is inexcuseable.

  10. Is gunsamerica.com working?

  11. I think this particular posting might be proving this Helinski guy’s point…Do the companies at SHOT really want blogs like this covering their products and representing them? At least on the GA Blog you don’t see childish language and personal attacks on others. From what I can see, this Helinski guy didn’t single anyone out but pointed out that insignificant blogs – blogs with little or no audience – should not be invited to the shooting day or whatever it’s called because it’s expensive and the exhibitors use that day to get product in writers’ hands.

    I’m not sure if your mission as a blogger is to get product and promote the industry but whatever it is, I wouldn’t do business with you if I were a manufacturer trying to get word out about my hot new gun. I’m not attacking, just pointing out that by making this blog article, you might have actually helped Helinski prove his point. After all, there’s only 18 comments (including Admin’s) on this post after 3.5 months.

    • We didn’t start this blog for the swag. We started it for the swagger.

  12. Just one thing to say…a filthy mouth or pen does not make a argument more convincing . Learn to use the language in a manner that will make your point!

    • I have considered your point and rejected it.

      • Rudeness is how a weak man shows his strength , El Bombardero or what ever you are !

        • Chill R.D.C., we’re not talking about your whore mother again.

    • Good for you

  13. If really is a problem with GunsAmerica than an intelligent and factual response would make the point – the type of language used here is only nessesary when there aren’t any real facts to support an opinion, use some proper English & you may not look like someone that got most of his language skill by listening to what others called him!

    From my experience I have found that the more of this type of language that is used – the lower the class & the lower the education of the user – I am less likely to listen to an argument that has this type of language: and I think most people are (educated ones anyway).

    • Lower class? Yes. Lower education? No.

      1 for 2 ain’t bad. If I had a t-shirt, I’d throw it to you.

  14. GA provides a service to keep local dealers at bay with pricing issues on products. I have used their prices as a tool for bargaining in gun purchases. As for the ownership, the guy is a total ass.

    • It’s too bad that such a useful website is led by a total cunt.

  15. If you ask me, I would not be offended if a posse went and tarred and feathered the bloody bastard and chased him out of town on the crack of a whip….hmmmm, if only*

  16. Why the foul language? Lost all my interest!

    • Don’t want your interest. I don’t trust a man who doesn’t drink or swear.

  17. El bombardero –

    Sweet meltdowns on here. This gunsamerica guy really seems to have gotten the best of you. Consider yourself trolled.

    You are better than This, man!

  18. I love It! Freedom of speech. Being politically correct is for educated dress up theives and fancy talkers. Socialist A holes.


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