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This weekend, the Brady campaign held a crying contest all over the country. Literally hundreds of people showed up.

Hundreds of people at the cathedral — including Gov. Jan Brewer — stood and chanted, “We remember, we remember, we remember with grateful hearts.” Some closed their eyes while others held each other.

I used up all my Kleenex beating off to some gun porn last night so I guess I’ll just have to dry my tears with my assault clips and shoulder things that go up. Apparently the people have spoken, guns are not the answer!

Forever ineffective

Just in time for the end of the sincere shoulder rubbing and ridiculous prayers, we got to hear about the almost 11 million guns sold last year.

The final number, of 10,800,000, is considered conservative by experts because the this number does not account for the multiple purchase of guns at the same time or the guns bought and sold legally, person to person by US residents, which rightly so, do not require a back ground check.

I love a happy ending. 2012 will probably be even better, what with the Apocalypse and all.

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