Reloading for dummies

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This isn’t an instructional post, this is a dummy posting about getting started with reloading.

I bought the Lee anniversary kit about 3 months ago, and only about 2 weeks ago did I actually get it mounted and started on depriming. One of the problems is that I have very little time to just disappear into the garage when I have a bunch of little El Bombarderos running around shitting all over my floor and eating up all the damn food. I wanted to be able to bring my reloading into the living room in case the wife wanted to spend time together watching Curb Your Enthusiasm. So I decided to try to build a portable setup.

I ended up mounting the press to a 2×6 I had in the garage and then for the short term I just clamped it to a desk. Next I needed a dedicated bench, something strong enough to handle my yanking on the handle but also small enough to take back and forth from the garage to the living room. I had some spare wood laying around courtesy of the local construction sites so I got my tools out and got to work.

Not bad considering the last thing I successfully built was a birdhouse when I was 9.

I need to add one more 2×4 to the underside to keep the surface from flexing when I crank down on the press, but otherwise it works really well.

Now I just need to actually start loading.

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