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NFL players try to lend credibility to gun control

»Posted by on Feb 10, 2013 in Guns In The News | 1 comment

Via the LA Times So let me get this straight, we are supposed to listen to a bunch of dudes who are really good at being violent to achieve their goals and also make a living out of getting hit in the head repeatedly really fucking hard? This is the strength of the gun control movement, playing on emotion instead of logic and critical thinking. Next we are going to see a PSA from mothers of drug dealers who have been gunned down by other drug dealers with assault-weapon-magazine-black-death-clip-guns, bemoaning their sons’ bright futures that were tragically cut short by these inanimate...

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@CSGV, where were you when shit went down at Starbucks?

»Posted by on Mar 31, 2012 in Guns In The News | 9 comments

Remember that awesome Starbucks rally back in February? Yeah, me too. It was a lot of fun joining tens of thousands of gun loving people in support of Starbucks for their policy of abiding by state law when it comes to carrying in their stores. But sadly, not all agreed. There was a tiny minority of cocksuckers who demonized us, tried to turn the world against us. They rallied with a cry of blood in the decaf. They promised that there would be shootings while the zombies got their caffeine fixes. Well, it happened. There actually was a shooting at a Starbucks. No, this isn’t a joke. In fact it was just a couple of weeks after the February 14th rally took place. It was actually a love triangle gone wrong. One man gunned down another in cold blood at a...

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#OccupyStarbucksArmed – MOAR Pictures!

»Posted by on Feb 16, 2012 in GFE Contests, Guns In The News | 0 comments

More contest entries And here’s some proof that we are #winning. The Coalition To Stop Gun Violence plugged us with a link on their Facebook page: Full size picture can be seen HERE Thanks guys, it means a lot to us. If any of you readers want to also thank them, the best way to do it is to send them a message on Twitter, @CSGV To see a ton more pictures supporting the buycott, go to the Starbucks Facebook Photo...

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