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Flash mobs in NYC

»Posted by on Feb 5, 2013 in Rants | 0 comments

Notice the reaction from the police….oh wait, there isn’t one. I’ll tell you what would stop this nonsense with the quickness. About 10 of these, coming at 900 FPS. Gun control fails...

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Right out of a Mr. Bean sketch

»Posted by on Dec 30, 2011 in Guns In The News | 1 comment

So a woman from Tennessee comes to see Ground Zero in NYC. She sees a “Criminals Welcome” sign (also known as a “No Guns Allowed” sign). Thinking about her concealed handgun, she inquires from a nearby cop where she can check her gun, trying to do the “right thing”. She is then arrested and charged with a felony. LOWER MANHATTAN, NY (PIX11)— A tourist from Tennessee found out about New York’s strict gun laws the hard way after trying to check her loaded pistol at the 9/11 memorial after seeing a “No Guns Allowed” sign. Meredith Graves, 39, drove to New York in the hopes of landing a nursing job at Long Island’s Brookhaven Memorial, the New York Post reported. Graves, who has a legal license to carry in...

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