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Representative Joe Salazar thinks women are too dumb to know when they are being raped

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He apologized, after receiving a virtual beating on his Facebook page. I encourage you to spread the word. Salazar is also the one who introduced language into HB 13-1224 to keep Magpul’s money in Colorado, just not their magazines. I also encourage you to let Representative Salazar know how you feel on his Facebook page. While you’re at it, visit Governor Hickenlooper’s page and voice your opposition of all the new gun legislation currently working its way through our state...

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This is why we carry

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Akron Woman Scares Off Sex Offender with Gun “By the time I was ready to get in my car, he was behind me and started hitting me, and pushed me into my car, and I tried to fight him off the best I could, but I knew he was overpowering me,” said Bennett, whose .38 special was in the center console. “I kind of got my right hand behind me, and inside the center console, and got my hand on my gun. I pointed it at the floor originally, he had a hold of my arm, I said, ‘I have a gun. Don’t make me use it,’ ” Bennett told Fox 8 News. Bennett says the man continued forcing himself in the car. She told police that, during the attack, he kept making sexually suggestive comments to her. As the struggle continued, Bennett says she was...

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Tuesday’s Smoke That Fool – Cold hearted bitch

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Only one self defense story today, but it’s a strange one. This story is a few years old, but I just now heard about it. Cheating bitch is fucking her boyfriend in the pickup truck. Husband comes home. Bitch thinks quickly, yells, “RAPE!”. Husband pulls gun, kills “rapist”. Wife gets charged with manslaughter. “The man ran up to the truck and through the driver’s window, just shot and emptied the clip right into the man point blank,” said witness William Carlisle. Prosecutors say Tracy Roberson yelled out to her husband for help, crying rape, when in fact she and LaSalle were lovers. A text message to LaSalle revealed their relationship, saying, “Hi friend, come see me please! I need to feel your warm embrace!...

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