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Colorado Lawmaker who introduced anti gun bills has criminal record

»Posted by on Mar 6, 2013 in Guns In The News, Uncategorized | 19 comments

Rhonda Fields, the Colorado representative who introduced a bill in the Colorado legislature to limit magazine capacity, apparently has a colorful past. According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Rhonda Fields, or should I say Carolyn Combs, has a an arrest for Larceny and for Shoplifting. NAME(S) USED: PHYSICAL: DATE(S) OF BIRTH: PLACE(S) OF BIRTH: SCARS/MARKS: MARSHAL, RHONDA CHARLOTTE WOODS, RHONDA CHOLLET COMBS, CAROLYN ANN FIELDS, RHONDA MARSHALL FIELDS, MARSHALL SEX: F RACE: B HGT: 505 WGT: 120 EYE: BRO 09/07/1954 MD DISC BACK HAIR: BLK SKN: LGT ************************** CRIMINAL HISTORY ************************** =============================== Cycle 1 of 2 ============================== —— ARREST —— DATE ARRESTED AGENCY...

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Representative Joe Salazar thinks women are too dumb to know when they are being raped

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He apologized, after receiving a virtual beating on his Facebook page. I encourage you to spread the word. Salazar is also the one who introduced language into HB 13-1224 to keep Magpul’s money in Colorado, just not their magazines. I also encourage you to let Representative Salazar know how you feel on his Facebook page. While you’re at it, visit Governor Hickenlooper’s page and voice your opposition of all the new gun legislation currently working its way through our state...

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