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Skeet Skeet, what what – I ain’t playin’ around

»Posted by on Feb 3, 2013 in Guns In The News | 0 comments

The White House released a picture of our King skeet shooting and politely firmly instructed his subjects not to photoshop the picture. Sorry but where I come from – the internet – that is like throwing down the gauntlet and issuing a direct challenge for teh lulz. The following are not mine, though I wish they were. I have no photochopping talent at all. This last one might offend people with an under devloped sense of irony or...

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Hard Hitting Interview Series – TNOUTDOORS9

»Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Hard Hitting Interviews | 2 comments

On a sleep deprived whim I have decided to try something new here at GFE. I am going to try to interview YouTube Gun vlogger channel owner dudes (and dudettes, if they will talk to me). I sent out some requests and believe it or not, some people actually responded. I want to ask the hard hitting questions, leave no stone unturned. I realize that might make me unpopular with the establisment, but I’m just that kind of internet warrior. The first victim was TNOUTDOORS9. You may know him for his epic shooting compilations, ballistic tests and nerdy haircut. Here’s a taste of what he offers to the Youtube gun community. I sat down in cyberspace with TNOUTDOORS9 yesterday and pressed him on the important issues. Here is what we talked about. First,...

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Saturday Morning Cartoons – Snack Destruction

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Yeah, you should shoot this stuff because it’s terrible for you and way more likely to kill you than a middle of the night home invasion.

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In Chi-city. It’s a way to try an activity that is completely unfamiliar, probably frightening, possibly off-putting, and in the middle of a major political and cultural debate on gun control. It’s an opportunity to meet people who might think differently than you do, and to find that you like them anyway. For Marcia Polhamus, 54, a longtime hunter who organized the event, it was an opportunity to introduce newcomers to the sporting world. “We love the outdoors; we want to get people involved,” said Polhamus, of Loves Park. She and her husband, Ken, coordinate National Wild Turkey Federation’s youth outreach program in Illinois and recently opened a gun shop in Loves Park. Women learning how to bust caps. Suck on that Rahm...

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@CSGV, where were you when shit went down at Starbucks?

»Posted by on Mar 31, 2012 in Guns In The News | 9 comments

Remember that awesome Starbucks rally back in February? Yeah, me too. It was a lot of fun joining tens of thousands of gun loving people in support of Starbucks for their policy of abiding by state law when it comes to carrying in their stores. But sadly, not all agreed. There was a tiny minority of cocksuckers who demonized us, tried to turn the world against us. They rallied with a cry of blood in the decaf. They promised that there would be shootings while the zombies got their caffeine fixes. Well, it happened. There actually was a shooting at a Starbucks. No, this isn’t a joke. In fact it was just a couple of weeks after the February 14th rally took place. It was actually a love triangle gone wrong. One man gunned down another in cold blood at a...

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