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Representative Joe Salazar thinks women are too dumb to know when they are being raped

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He apologized, after receiving a virtual beating on his Facebook page. I encourage you to spread the word. Salazar is also the one who introduced language into HB 13-1224 to keep Magpul’s money in Colorado, just not their magazines. I also encourage you to let Representative Salazar know how you feel on his Facebook page. While you’re at it, visit Governor Hickenlooper’s page and voice your opposition of all the new gun legislation currently working its way through our state...

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In Chi-city. It’s a way to try an activity that is completely unfamiliar, probably frightening, possibly off-putting, and in the middle of a major political and cultural debate on gun control. It’s an opportunity to meet people who might think differently than you do, and to find that you like them anyway. For Marcia Polhamus, 54, a longtime hunter who organized the event, it was an opportunity to introduce newcomers to the sporting world. “We love the outdoors; we want to get people involved,” said Polhamus, of Loves Park. She and her husband, Ken, coordinate National Wild Turkey Federation’s youth outreach program in Illinois and recently opened a gun shop in Loves Park. Women learning how to bust caps. Suck on that Rahm...

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Girls Talk ‘Guns For Everyone’

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The nerdy Asian and I have a thing going on…. just saying. Math + Sex = Heaven

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A Woman’s World

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Something tells me no one will ever fuck with this lady. Check out her channel

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Women and Guns – How did they get out of the kitchen?

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Ran across this news story yesterday. Chicks are not only buying guns, they are starting clubs. When Gina York married an avid hunter six years ago, she tried going out with him, but said it “just wasn’t fun,” because men “are so serious about getting the buck, getting the prize,” and she didn’t learn the skills she needed to enjoy herself. That all changed last year when she joined DIVA…WOW (Women Outdoors Worldwide), a shooting and hunting group for women only. We here at GFE fully support a woman’s right to arm herself, and we are glad more women out there are getting into the sport, and the self defense aspect. As long as our sandwiches are made, our beers are cold and all the chores are done, women should be free to do whatever they...

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