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I missed last week’s entry in this series because I can be a lazy motherfucker sometimes.

Anyway, let’s round up some stories of people killing each other, or at least trying to.

First up, a man in Texas finds a burglar in his home and caps him. Unfortunately, the burglar apparently survived.

FORT WORTH — A man who police said was burglarizing an unoccupied house Thursday was wounded when he was shot by the owner.
Police were called to the 2400 block of Birdell Court at 9:15 a.m.
The homeowner told police he filed a burglary report Wednesday and had returned to the home to make sure it was secure.
The homeowner said when he arrived, the back door was open and he heard noises coming from inside the home, so he called 911.
Police said the man who was inside the home fell through the ceiling and then charged at the homeowner with a knife, so the homeowner fired several shots at the man, hitting him at least once.
Police did not provide details about injuries or the man’s condition.
The man faces aggravated robbery charges, police said.

I like this story, because the guy didn’t really have a reason to go into the home to find the burglar. He could have waited outside for the cops to come. But fuck a cop, this guy went inside anyway, found the bad guy charging him and shot him. Cold blooded motherfucker. I like it.

Next we have another badass who found some wannabe badasses in his garage, so he started shooting them with a slightly better result than the above mentioned Texan.

Pierce County prosecutors on Thursday filed a residential burglary charge against a man who was shot after he allegedly broke into a garage in Tacoma’s South End.
A not-guilty plea was entered on behalf of Zane Ryan Cavender, 23, at his arraignment in Pierce County Superior Court. Commissioner Diana Lynn Kiesel ordered Cavender jailed on $100,000 bail.

Cavender was one of two men a homeowner shot early Monday. The other, Anthony Len McDougald, 36, died at the scene from a gunshot wound to the back, the Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Officer reported.

The homeowner told police he was awakened by the barking of his dog, armed himself with a handgun and went to investigate. He told police he saw the door to his garage ajar, which alarmed him because he remembered locking it before going to bed.

“The victim told the officer that he put his hand inside the opened door, turned the light on and shut the door,” court records show. “He then began giving verbal commands to the males and said, ‘Come out, I am armed.’”

The man said the door opened and two men came running toward him, the court records show. The man said he opened fire when the two were about 15 feet away.

Police found evidence the suspected burglars also had broken into the man’s home, records show. Credit cards belonging to the man’s wife – which had been in her purse inside the house – were found in McDougald’s pockets, police said.

Court records show the officers responding to the call reportedly heard the homeowner make several statements, including, “Why did they make me shoot?” and “What were they thinking? I hope they’re going to be OK.”

No charges have been filed against the homeowner, who provided medical aid to Cavender, who got out of prison last month, until police arrived.

[emphasis mine]

Pay attention little homies. When you shoot someone, especially if you claim they were charging you but you managed to shoot one of them in the back, remember to make sure the cops hear you sound pitiful and horrified that you shot the bad guys. Tears help. Also, pretending to render aid to one of the bad guys also helps your case. Remember, nobody ever believes the bad guy’s version of the story.

And finally, a youngster gets a taste for blood.

MONTE ALTO — A 16-year-old boy used a shotgun to defend his mother from three would-be burglars in Monte Alto early Saturday morning, the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office confirmed.

After a string of burglaries in the area of FM Road 88 and FM 2812, the boy and his mother were checking to make sure everything was intact on their property when they saw a vehicle approach, a Sheriff’s Office official said.

About 1:45 a.m., with the shotgun in hand, the boy confronted the three strangers who approached and told them to leave. Instead, they shot at him, and he fired back, hitting one in the leg.

Authorities nabbed two of the suspects, both teenagers, as well. The Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the teen who was shot, a 17-year-old, was treated at the hospital, released and taken into custody. A 16-year-old also was arrested after the incident.

Sheriff’s investigators are still searching for the third man involved in the attempted burglary, who reportedly fled the scene. They believe he is 20 or 21, but no more suspect information was available at press time Sunday.

Seriously awesome. Not only does he arm himself in the face of danger, he actually takes some fire and then shoots back. I’d like to buy him a beer……in 5 years.

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