Opinion: The Denver ban on Privately made guns is unfair

Posted by Edgar Antillon- Opinion By Rob Pincus

May 20, 2022

Opinion – Rob Pincus: The Denver City Ban on the Possession of Unserialized Firearms is an unfair infringement on our gun and property rights!

In January 2022, the Denver City Council voted to ban the possession of ALL unserialized firearms. The Mayor signed the ordnance into effect later that week.

The ban was instant and affected countless responsible gun owners who possessed privately made firearms and/or antique firearms, many of which were family heirlooms.

The city gave very little warning that this was coming and provided no guidance on how an owner might “serialize” there guns so that they did not have to destroy them or otherwise remove them from their possession.
This despite several council members voting to amend the new ordinance to include a delay in the implementation of the possession restriction until later this year to give people time to make appropriate arrangements and testimony by a Denver Police Department Official that agency had not seen any significant negative activity involving “ghost guns” recently.
After the ordnance went into effect, I spent weeks trying to get a fraught answer from the City Attorney’s office in regard to how I could serialized my own privately made firearms so as not to be in violation of the law. I got passed around, transferred, promised that I would get an answer…. But, I never actually got any answer.

Testimony from the city attorney’s office during the council hearings on the ordinance (visors are online) reveal the mistake that they made: they were counting on the Federal Government to begin requiring ALL guns to be serialized and providing a means for gun owners to comply. They miscalculated. The ATF announced their new rules in April and they are NOT requiring any such thing. Now Denver has deprived me (and countless others) of our Gun rights and our private property unfairly.

In both Massachusetts and California, systems exist for private citizens to legally make firearms (as Federal Law allows) and serialized them to be in compliance with State Laws. Colorado has no such law or requirement or system… and now, I have had to remove firearms from my residence in Denver with no compensation or even the courtesy of a response from the City Attorney… who’s representing shrugged off the fact that responsible gun owners would be affected by the new rule by telling the city council that we would be, but we weren’t really the “target”.

In a rush to “do something”, Denver has done nothing to stop anyone intent on using a gun to harm someone, while Jumping The Gun on a political talking point they got wrong.

Will the council now rescind the rule and align the City with the actual Federal Laws? Maybe… but, Only if responsible gun owners in our city reach out to them to voice our concerns about this unfair restriction!


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