New Gun Laws in some Cities

Written by Isaac Chase

May 20, 2022

Update: Denver City Council passed a concealed carry ban on city property on 5/16/2022 

In May 2021, the Colorado legislature removed preemption form Colorado Concealed Carry law. This means that local cities and counties can now restrict where you can carry within that jurisdiction.

A new push for restricting Concealed Carry has begun in several Colorado cities since the Colorado Legislature changed how Colorado law functions.
Denver, Boulder, Edgewater and even Canon City have all proposed banning concealed carry in certain locations within their jurisdictions. The latest city to put the issue before their city council is Edgewater, a small city within the Denver Metro area. These restrictions proposed in Edgewater include prohibiting Concealed Carry in:

•Bars and Liquor Stores
•Day Care Centers and Preschools
•Medical Facilities
•Mental Health Care Facilities
•Event Venues, Theaters
•City Parks
•City owned buildings

These types of restrictions will be coming hard and fast across the metro area cities and counties in 2022. But this is not just a metro area issue. Canon City, in Southern Colorado, has also been debating banning concealed carry in City buildings.

Guns For Everyone is doing our best to keep people informed of these proposed changes but the truth is that it will be impossible for anyone to fully keep up on all the possible changes and their impact.

The state legislature has demonstrated that they do not care about you, the law-abiding citizen. There are 336 individual jurisdictions in Colorado and each one of them now has the power to make up their own laws about where you can carry a gun within their jurisdiction.

It’s easy to get discouraged but I encourage you to instead focus on getting involved. In the next newsletter, we will discuss how to do that. If we don’t actively defend our rights, they will be taken from us. It’s time to step up.

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