An Open Letter to Colorado Sheriffs

Written by Edgar Antillon

July 24, 2022

Written by Edgar Antillon, co-founder of Guns For Everyone. RE: Concealed Handgun Laws.

Guns For Everyone has instructed over 100 thousand students across Colorado. In the 10 years we’ve been offering Free Concealed Carry classes, we have communicated with many sheriff’s offices. Most communication has been friendly, but we’ve had to educate several departments about Colorado’s permit laws.

It is frustrating for instructors to encounter Sheriffs who do not know the law, or worse yet, know the law but feel too entitled to follow the law.

Colorado law (18-12-201) specifically prohibits Sheriffs from adding any requirement not specified in 18-12 Part 2. Yet we are constantly battleling Sheriffs who believe they can create any law they wish.

We have had Sheriffs try to “order” us to have our certificate look a certain way, or worse, try to dictate how our classes should be run and what we should cover in all of our classes. None of which is required by law. To some it’s reasonable. But it is still not lawful.

Currently, Rio Grande is requiring a certain amount of live fire training, which is not a requirement in 18-12-203, nor is it part of the definition in 18-12-202. We don’t argue that training is important, we argue that it shouldn’t be mandated by law, and in this case, it happens to not be legally mandated.

Sheriffs are thought to be a pillar in the community, and seen as someone we can trust. Unfortunately, in the gun community, we are often let down by Sheriffs who refuse to accept that Colorado CHP laws do not grant them much authority. It’s also sad to see their counterparts in other jurisdictions not hold them accountable.

The citizens and instructors of Colorado ask that you do better… like you expect from us.

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