newspaper businesses are dying, so we started a new one!

Written by Edgar Antillon

May 20, 2022

Guns For Everyone Gazette is made for the 2A community. Most articles and stories are written by Isaac Chase and Edgar Antillon. We will also feature articles by leaders in the industry.

In 2012 Guns For Everyone began offering their main product for free. Offering concealed carry classes for free was met with a lot of hate from many instructors, as well as a lot of confusion from friends and family. Now a decade after the first free class, GFE has instructed nearly 100,000 students in Colorado.

We are not strangers to doing things that are thought of as stupid. But as I type this, I must admit, even I’m starting to wonder why this seemed like a good Idea. Like the free classes, though, this is a way to make the 2a accessible to more people, and hopefully create a healthier 2A community in Colorado.

Why a newspaper when the internet exist? Although newspapers are part of a declining industry, it is not completely dead. Millions of people, like yourself, are still reading newspapers. There also isn’t a newspaper that caters to gun owners in Colorado. Maybe people don’t read newspapers because it has become evident that they don’t care much about this demographic.

So we hope that this newspaper helps grow the gun hobby in Colorado. We can blame the current political climate for the lack of participation in Colorado, but as a Colorado native and someone who has owned guns for almost two decades, I hate to say it, but there isn’t a strong gun community here. We see small pockets, but nothing compared to even California. As restrictive as California is, their gun community is pretty active. We shouldn’t wait until it gets worse here to become more active.

We will try our best to inform you of as many gun events throughout the state of Colorado. We will feature local firearms instructors, as well as local firearms ranges. We will inform you of protest and/or activism opportunities so that we can fight before laws are passed.

If you have information about gun events, such as rallies or protest. We would love to hear about it! Contact us through our social media pages for the quickest response. We are a small team, and having your help will benefit the gun community in this wonderful state.

Instructors, if you would like to be featured, please reach out to us. Part of creating a healthy gun community is informing gun owners of great instructors. We also want to discuss information that instructors share with students. With that comes a healthy debate, which reader’s benefit from, about self-defense teachings.

Colorado has lost a lot of ground when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. We need to come together to restore what we have lost. We seem to be playing political defense a lot, and that needs to change. Hopefully this project lights a fire in many of you to start that change.

We can say how long this venture. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d be involved in the gun industry approaching two decades. One year or 100 years. Regardless of when the end is, we hope that the last article is written during an improved Colorado gun community.


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