Pledge of Responsible Ownership

Written by Edgar Antillon

July 24, 2022

GunPRO encourages current and prospective gun owners to make the following three commitments to own and use their guns responsibility. The GunPRO Pledge empowers the gun community with a mechanism to promote responsible gun ownership and reduce negative outcomes involving guns.

1. Get Education & Training in the responsible and safe use of their firearms.

2. Take steps to Prevent Unauthorized Access to their firearms, including not transferring a gun to anyone they believe would violate GunPRO principles.

3. Seek Help and Remove Access to firearms during times of extreme emotional stress or mental illness that could impair their judgment regarding responsible use.

The GunPRO pledge should be read aloud in front of two peer witnesses who vouch for and commit to supporting the gun owner in meeting the obligations of the pledge.

By participating in GunPRO, gun owners create a shared obligation for responsibility and introduce a mechanism for accountability that doesn’t involve the Government. These peer relationships will allow the gun community to “police its own” and take meaningful steps to reduce injury & death resulting from negligence. At the same time, GunPRO relationships create opportunities to identify behavior that could lead to harm of self or others when pre-crisis intervention is possible.

The GunPRO Pledge is a decentralized, grassroots effort that provides gun owners the opportunity to show their dedication to responsibility and avoiding negative outcomes involving firearms. Through the leadership of retailers, ranges, organizations and prominent gun community voices, the goal is to make GunPRO Commitments the expected and expressed standard of gun ownership in the United States, particularly by introducing the obligations to new gun owners. Taking the GunPRO Pledge is strictly voluntary, intended to prevent negative outcomes without any restriction on Second Amendment Rights.

This pledge is not the property of any single 2A organization. This is a pledge that belongs to all responsible gun owners. Responsible gun ownership is not a proprietary product, and it’s something we all should own.

I admit, this seemed silly at first. I mean, why should I have to pledge that I am a responsible gun owner. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how easy it is to become lazy and complacent without any accountability.

Real 2A supporters want zero government restrictions, and that often leaves us ignoring the negative issues in our community. As we have expressed before, ignoring the negative, has only allowed the government to restrict our freedoms more.

Holding each other accountable is a great way for us to minimize negative outcomes and preventing further government encroachment.

The form is kept with you and your supporters if you want. You control what happens to the form.

We hope that you take ownership of this pledge and promote it as it if were your idea. Tell your friends at the range, or your family members that may be on the fence about guns. Show your anti-gun acquaintances that gun owners are proactive, and don’t need government regulations because we know how to keep each other accountable.

You may think this will not solve anything, but you are wrong. This, along with all of the other pro-2A efforts like Walk The Talk America, it will definitely make a difference.

Organizations that have already endorsed this pledge are: Second Amendment Organization, Guns For Everyone National, Walk The Talk America, Liberal Gun Owners, and more are backing this pledge daily.

Let’s be a part of something big. Let’s be a part of the solution.

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