Terms of Service

Our Terms are pretty basic for the moment, and we can updates at any time.


We created this space to have conversations about firearms. No political shit. We get enough politics on other social media platforms.

Alerting the public of upcoming bills and call to actions, as well advocacy isn’t a problem. What we want, ultimately, is an environment where we can all discuss firearms. We don’t need this to be another environment where everyone is talking shit about political views, politicians, political parties, etc. That shit drains the soul, so let’s make this a place to learn and teach about firearms.

No public porn. If you want to perv out, create or join a group dedicated to pervs.

Guns For Everyone has nothing to do with sales made of any kind on this website. If you are participating in sales, don’t get scammed and be safe.

That’s it for now. I am sure we will add more. The goal is to keep this as simple as possible.