The gun community mourns John Williams

Written by Edgar Antillon

July 24, 2022

On June 3rd at 10:19 AM, the official Facebook page of Westminster Arms made a shocking post:

“For those of you who may not have heard, our founder John Williams has passed away. John founded Westminster Arms over a decade ago in the hopes of bringing his passion for firearms and amazing customer service to the people of this wonderful community. His leadership and devotion for what we do will be greatly missed. Westminster Arms will carry on John’s hard work in his absence and continue his devotion to you, our customers. Below in the comments is the information for John’s funeral and a celebration of John’s life. GODS SPEED MY FRIEND.”

I was not very close with John, but the few times I was able to interact with, he was welcoming and polite. We had very different approaches to doing business, and we disagreed on many issues. He was very much a rule follower, and I pride myself in being a zero government type of person.

In spite of our clear differences, he was always open to communicating with us at GFE.

You don’t have to agree with a guy to understand the importance of his presence in your community. John founded one of the most successful independent gun stores in the Metro Area.

Our condolences to the Williams family, and the entire Westminster Arms family. John will be missed by many in the gun community.

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