why is this important?

About Our Initiative

In short, our initiative would allow users of marijuana to obtain a concealed handgun permit, just like users of alcohol can. Lawful users of marijuana should not have to choose between freedoms.

Some may disagree because they do not like marijuana or guns, but we have to remember that you are as free as you allow your neighbors to be.

Our mission

To open a path for lawful users of marijuana to obtain a concealed handgun permit.

Our vision

For all humans to be able to defend themselves without having to choose between freedoms. For all responsible humans to be able to participate in the 2A without fear of arrest over their use of a susbtance.

Our story

We have instructed over 100k students. Many of them are lawful marijuana users, or they’re care takers for people who use marijuana medically. These students have to choose between freedoms, for many it’s have a medical benefit or defend yourself. This is why we want to change the law in colorado. No one should have to make that choice in the freest nation on earth.